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Discussion in 'The Roadie Hangout' started by Mr. Beanz, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Well Saturday was a nice ride. Had been communicating with Mark all week long hoping for good weather to get in a Saturday ride. Of course I must remind you that Mark had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor form his vocal chords a few months ago. He has taken the high road and made his return to cycling even though he has a tracheotomy. He started with short rides down his street, short rides with his grand kids, some shorter SART rides and has progressed to 42 milers. Now these guys are the real heroes in cycling. Yeah, Lance did it too but Mark isn't doping ha ha! That's a joke, I have nothing against Lance, it was an even playing field IMO.

    So anyway, we started the ride together but Mark said if he couldn't keep the pace we were to head off without him. Uh No! We pretty much have a policy among our ride buddies. If we start together, we finish together. But of course Mark was spectacular on the bike. I have to say his wife Gail pulled to the front and did a monster pull heading to the coast. 5 or 6 miles at a good speed, I'd say 18-19 MPH. Mark wasn't too happy but he stuck it out. He had some minor discomfort but fought through it. I was actually ready to slow the pace down but he pulled to the front in the last few miles and kept a decent pace. I think he got his payback on Gail ha ha ha! Wow, this is amazing to me! another person against the odds but still kicking butt on the bike!

    As always, my blog is not about the course, but about the friends we meet on the bike and the stories of courage held by some. We have had friends riding and battling cancer, a friend riding with one eye while others can't so more than sit in a recliner with a remote, friends that are paralyzed from the waist down riding hand bikes, friends riding against their advantages, people like Mark! ;-)



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