For Sale Sedona weekend for 2!

Discussion in 'Non-Bike Related' started by dirtmistress, Oct 30, 2009.

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    For Sale...A romantic get-away!

    Sedona Timeshare at the Hyatt

    Sunday Nov. 8th is check-in
    check-out is Tuesday Nov. 10th

    Sleeps 4
    Queen bed
    Sofa bed(very small)
    The Rep I spoke to said 2 adults and 2 children would be perfect.
    Or that 3 way you've always wanted to have.;)
    Has a microwave and coffee maker and a small fridge:)?:)
    We've stayed here before and the place is really really nice!! REALLY nice!!
    Cost is 100 dollars payable to Jeanine's rescue organization @ her pay-Pal account.

    Jeanine's folks aren't doing well so she needs to fly back there to help her sister. She will be flying out on the 9th.
    We can't get our money back and we hate to waste it!
    Let me know! Otherwise it'll just sit empty!
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