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Discussion in 'The Market Place' started by guero, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Effective immediately (sunday 4/6/08 )
    We now have a NBR (non bike related) marketplace section, please use that to list all NBR items, thank you.

    As Im sure many of you have noticed, the "MarketPlace" has grown quite a bit in popularity. What started off as a place to unload bikes and bike parts is now seeing automobiles, hockey stuff, etc. being listed for sale. George, myself and a few others have been talking about cleaning up the "MarketPlace" and will be doing so in the next few weeks. Below are a few pointers to help sellers/buyers have a positive experience in our MarketPlace. STR will NOT be held responsible for any transactions.


    • Provide DETAILED and ACCURATE descriptions of your items.

    • Provide pictures of your items, clean your items before taking pix, presentation is everything!!!

    • List the best way to contact you, email, PM, cell, trailhead, etc...

    • List forms of payments accepted; paypal, cash, etc...

    • Once item is sold, edit your first/last post as "SOLD" and we'll lock up the thread.



    • Keep your opinions of the original posters prices and/or products respectful. If you object to a price, drop him/her a PM about it. Thank you.

    • Please keep the off topic discussion to PM.

    ***I don't like to delete peoples posts, but some of these threads get so out of hand I do start deleting. It shouldnt be that hard, just PM the person or post in the thread if you are truly interested in the item. If not, then don't post.

    Thanks for reading and more importantly thank you George for allowing us to still have a FREE MarketPlace forum to unload our goods.
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