Downieville Oct 24th weekend?

Discussion in 'The Adrenaline Factory' started by Dr. Paul Addison, Oct 16, 2015.

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    Oct 16, 2015
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    Some buddies and I are headed to Downieville next weekend. Leaving OC around noon Friday, crashing in Sacramento at a friend's house, then speed-shuttling Downieville Saturday hoping to get 3-4 rides in per person. This is not going to be a mellow trip, we are going to shuttle until we collapse. Camping Saturday night then headed back Sunday hitting Toads and something else in Tahoe. Arrive back in OC late Sunday night. I have a hitch for 2 bikes, and we have room for 2 more in my car if you have a roof rack we would use or an extendo for the Thule, but welcome to bring more if you can drive.

    Who is in? Call me at 714 625 7989.

    -Paul Addison

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