A Ride and Some Friends as well

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    Wow, today we did a 50 miler. We had no other ride partners today but then a friend showed up on a tandem with his wife. So we took turns pulling. Very strong head wind today. Friend is a very strong rider and very fast on the tandem. We did about 3/4 of the ride together. He ended up feeling bad during the ride. I guess he's had some problems with his heart rate. We stopped at a park with them to make sure he was OK. He had ran out of water so I went off to find a place to refill his bottles. Really thrashed our Strava average on a big segment but what can you do? Still had a 15.8 for the 50 miles even after lollygagging.

    But Gina rode very strong. I almost felt as if we had raced today, she might have crushed me. Well OK not really but the times I sat up figuring I had to let her get back on my wheel, she was there ready to go. never fell off!

    When we reached the coast I was tired, hard push against the stiff headwinds. Gina looked real good and was even joking around. Where she got the extra energy I dunno! I eat Clif bars and she eats Honey Stingers. I may have to switch!

    She had enough energy to act silly at the rest stop. I was gasping for air!

    Ron and Dixie


    Gina goofing off at the rest stop with Alex


    Marcello doing his 87 miler.


    Alex kicking butt on his 100 miler


    More Gina goofing off!


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