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Jul 11, 2015
Mar 10, 2008
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wheel slayer

Damn Seagulls, from Thousand Oaks

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Jul 11, 2015
    1. denmother
      Hey Steve, what's up. We rode Hummingbird with Matt on Saturday, great trail!!
    2. BH1
      Went to Simi last night for the first time since the re-build. All I can say is that was the most fun I have ever had there. So much flow. I like that its not a mile of all pedaling like the old track was.
    3. denmother
      How are you doing??? Back on the big bike yet?
    4. yjgfikl
      I just sent you a friend request. It's Nibal by the way.
    5. bcinlas4
      Hey Steve, were you out at Freedom tonight w/ Honda shirt on? I thought it might of been you but wasn't sure. If so, I'll introduce myself next time I see you. I'm at one of the two tracks at least twice a week.
      Checked our your youtube stuff tonight. Would definately like to get out and ride with ya. Was at G this morning with Bob "SMT", and a guy named Mat - he's been out of it since 03. One run wasn't enough. We'll be at Sycamore tomorrow and Sunday. See ya round.
    6. denmother
      How is your healing coming along? How long will you be off the bike?
    7. denmother
      I hear you there, some weeks Roger only works 1 or 2 days and he just had to take a $3.00hr cut in pay. At least we both still have jobs.

      So how did you get the 2 concussions? Was it racing BMX? I hope to come out and ride your pump track once I am back on the bike!!!

      Sending healing vibes your way!!!
    8. bcinlas4
      Seen several of your posts. Sounds like me. Sucide 2-3 times a week, Freedom park - there on opening day last week. Sycamore - twice a week w/ my son #183. Like to hook up and ride? I live in TO also. I'll be in Fontana this weekend but home in time for Sycamore on Sunday PM, probably Freedom on Thursday. I usually work weekends but not this one. IM me, I need someone to ride with!Brad
    9. denmother
      What's up, haven't seen you in a while???
    10. Adrian
      yo steve.... what up bro??? Ya, I'm heding down to vail lake but I don't know if I'm camping or not....I have not really thought about it...
    11. Sharky
      Hey can't wait to see you race again November can't come soon enough!! We mostly all work weekends but hopefully we'll get a day you can come play !!! Good hearing from ya ...
    12. jonny nez
      jonny nez
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