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Apr 30, 2018
Jun 1, 2007
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Lake Elsinore

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A.D.D. Unleased, from Lake Elsinore

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Apr 30, 2018
    1. proraptor
    2. tracer
      confirm you got the fed x label
    3. mpmffitz
      Cool bro for Fullerton riding tommorrow. I dont have a clue to get there from LA.
    4. love2wheels
      Next time I ride Skyline I will let you know.
    5. Tri_Danimal
      hey bud would you by chance happen to be around today/evening? I was wondering if you would be able to instruct me in how to true my wheel. I have it with me so just give me a call if your free 951-532-9539

    6. big al
      big al
      Howdy, I've been away for a while, but I was wondering if I could still take you up on your offer to help me true my wheel sometime in the coming weeks. It would be a great help for me, and I would really like to learn how to do it myself.
    7. big al
      big al
      hey man, sorry for the late notice, I will not be able to attend the day at Fontana tomorrow. I ate it off a table top at summit on Friday and sprained a couple things, and then yesterday I ate it at the Oaks. Needless to say I'm pretty banged up, and can't really hold onto handle bars right now. Sorry again.
    8. gray
      Good to see you back on here in your newly found free time. :) You need to come check out our new place.
    9. Vince
      Hey sorry it work out like it did. There were people shuttling it just got shut down early. The wind got so strong I think even Donny would of called it off. The wind knocked me down when I went up to take the tape down. Pretty funny actually, all raped up in tape rolling down the hill. LOL
    10. nerdgirl
      Had fun killing time with you guys today. When Luke's bike is done being tuned up you guys should night ride Sycamore. Thanks for offering to look for those adapters, btw. :)
    11. mpmffitz
      Hey you going on this night ride? I'm may cancel due to lack of interest it is important for safety to have more than two riders. If one goes down it may be too dangerous for the last rider to seek help.
    12. mpmffitz
      I'm bringing an xc bike.
    13. nerdgirl
      I have one word for you: Chipotle! (lolz... cool seeing you again today :D)
    14. mpmffitz
      looking toward to it hopefully.
    15. mpmffitz
      Not this week I'll be available to ride only Saturday and that will be ted Williams trail for trail work and discussion with blm.
    16. mpmffitz
      Lets ride San Juan tonight. I have a chem light and a freshly charged handlebar light. Call me at 9514736448..
    17. DrAeon
      Hey man I'll pitch in for gas if you want to shuttle skyline today.
    18. stumpmejumpme
      Hey Ricky,

      Dude we need to hit Diablo up again whats your week look like?
    19. strobelite
      thanks for the forever wild link. i got a new avi with the baby tiger. been reading about all the cats for a few hours now.
    20. Ride2live32
      Thanks for the fun ride today! I need better FORKS badly!
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