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Jan 17, 2021
Jan 16, 2005
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Pain Freak

Dead or Alive, from Fontucky

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Jan 17, 2021
    1. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      Yeah, nice riding with you Jeff. I had a tough day for some reason but the next day I rode with Rich again and had a great day. I hope to get some mtb riding in even though the weather is changing for the worse. One good thing about road riding is you can do it in the rain without worrying about trail damage.
    2. onegymrat
      Hey Mike, good to have met you! I was the guy you were chatting with about your century+ road rides while we were waiting for our little old Asian woman guest to get picked up at the Turnbull fiasco. Hope to ride with you again soon so you can coach me on more endurance rides. Maybe see you at the 50 Mile Ride IV? Jeff
    3. Will.E.King
      I live here too. Any good riding around here?
    4. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      Thanks for asking.
      My legs were suprisingly not sore! My arm/shoulder was sore but not near to the extent I thought it would be. Just very thankful to be able to ride again. Now if I can just keep from falling and retearing anything. (biggest fear)
    5. denmother
      It was good to see you on the bike Saturday. How are you feeling BTW???
    6. ryno
      PM'd ya
    7. emcil
      I'd say sorry to hear it but I'm betting you might be just as happy to have the work. Enjoy the holidays. After the 1st we'll organize another Marshall ride.
    8. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      Nope got work
    9. emcil
      So, going to Sedona?
    10. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      We've had 4 or 5 swapmeets there. No permits as it was on a very small level. If it keeps getting bigger we'll have to do something else.
    11. Y-NOT
      I sure hope they have a permit from the City of Fullerton for their "Special Event" swap meet....
    12. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      The least I can do. Name the day and time and I'll be there.
    13. gooseaholic
      I have went over it im my head 100000 times. Join me for the tribute ride
    14. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      Pretty good, WTH, have you been? I was remembering the Sedona ride the other day and I thought of you and it dawned on me I haven't seen or heard from you in months.
    15. CC
      Hi Mikie! How the heck are you???
    16. Salter77
      Mike, the Tri went pretty well. I sold my road bike today though and bought a Marzocchi fork. I need to get another one going pretty quick. If you hear of anything in a 58 or something in a 50-53 for amanda let me know. I am beat though 2 days of downhill riding this weekend really tore my ass up literally(over the bars 2x)...
    17. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      Careful, you're going to end up like me with a garage full of bikes. I've got 6 in there at this time but I'm looking for a good home for a couple of them.
    18. nerdgirl
      Thought you'd be amused to know that I just found myself looking at another bike-- an all-mountain bike as opposed to the sweet little XC trail bike I have. That damn hardtail was a gateway drug. First the HT, then the XC, now I am drooling over an AM. Though, having one of each *does* make sense. That would mean a DH would been in order as well... LOL!
    19. nerdgirl
      No, we have not met yet ;) I am sure our paths will cross eventually, though! The irony is that I just got my bike back from Jenson because I had a bunch of upgrades done. I also suddenly realized that there really is a good justification for having 2 bikes. I hated not being able to ride while my bike was in the shop! Yeah, time to start saving for a 2nd bike :)
    20. Pain Freak
      Pain Freak
      We did the Hemet today. We did the first 50 in 2 hours 15 minutes, then I fell apart and it took 3 hours 15 minutes to do the next 50. Still a 5.5 century is pretty good for me.
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