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Apr 19, 2016
    1. dirtmistress
      Hi John, Sundance is pretty far from me. Let me know next time you go out though.
      I think our ride was 77. MDR/PCH/up Mulholand/rolled along to the back of Latigo/climbed that and then down to PCH. Coogies for good but overpriced food and some star gazing.
      PV today. Wasted from MDR to Topanga/Old Topanga/Piuma yesterday! Man that's a beautiful ride! Coast side is shit weather! Take care and say hi again when next we meet!
    2. mtnbkr818
      You are always welcome. We started in the valley at kanan and the 101. we went out potrerro to las pulgas and back the wa y we saw you. Only 55 but it was pretty quick. seems like you had a long one. How many miles? The ride was with sundance cycles. sometimes I do a latri club ride.
    3. dirtmistress
      Hi John. Thanks for saying hi! Yeah, my rear wheel is out of true! Freaky how it happened which means I don't know how it happened. Dropped chain, brakes locked up, major skid uphill, crazy! We got it going but the wheel has to be shipped to Easton. Lucky I have another. Where did you ride from? I started in MDR. Who were you riding with? Let me know if I can ever join you. I'm always looking for people to ride with!
    4. joekeays
      I live in Thousand Oaks and I heard about the adventure race in the Santa Monica Mountains. Any details? Is it cancelled due to the recent weather.
    5. mtnbkr818
      $300.00 My kids out grew them I will send later tonight.
    6. Rakuman
      Hello can you send me some pics of the 13" and what do you want for it?
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