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Hand cuffs and leg irons please

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Farm Freerider, from Wildomar

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Feb 22, 2016
    1. gooseaholic
      Hey I have a 2010 khs velvet for sale. Asking 900. Give me a ring at 7143910923. practically brand new with upgrades. I cant ride due to back injury and am hurting for cash. Been out of work 3 months.
    2. vandyketom
      I am back to riding after a long break. Hit me up sometime.
    3. mpmffitz
      I'm still here but im a mod on GravityPirates so I've been underway now returning to shore!!!
    4. Manny43
      Hey, sorry about the late response. Yes, I do work at the VA. Hit me up and I'm sure I can steer you in the right direction. I don't know if you're still around, so I'll leave it at this for now.
    5. Duke
      It is 4.5 miles to the top of Earl Canyon Motorway. The first 2.2 miles of the climb are quite difficult. But after that, it is very easy (except for one very short section towards the top).
    6. Duke
      The route that was on your geoladders link cannot be shuttled (that is, you cannot start from the top and just go down). It would need to be done as an out and back.

      Back in the day (it seems like forever..) when Angeles Crest Highway was actually opened, it was possible to climb up the south side of Earl Canyon, then descend the North side down to Angeles Crest Hwy (and have a car waiting for you there), or vice versa.
    7. BMeX
      BMeX frame is cracked....
    8. BMeX
      Dude, empty your mailbox.

      I'll have to pass on Iron Mountain but I'll meet you at Nascar on Tuesday, I can take you to some sick dirt jumps after.

      Pretty sure Steve is going too.
    9. Fewinhibitions
      Your mailbox is full. Cant respond to message. Week is stacked for me as far as traveling though.
    10. mpmffitz
      Get set up and I'll show you around.
    11. BMeX
      I just need some 6" forks and some pads and I'll be ready to follow ya down whatever...I'll need a derailleur to follow you up anything though...running single speed at the moment.
    12. mpmffitz
      Cool I have been riding soem sick dh stuff, its always good to rise with someone that takes risks. It makes you a better rider.
    13. BMeX
      I met you on MTBR, same handle, maybe you don't remember. I posted a pic of my rig in it's current state today in this thread:

      I'm still not quite at your level but working hard to get there mostly at Nascar (la costa), hope to keep improving and as soon as I feel my bike and I are both capable, I'll be looking for ya.

      If you make it back down to la costa anytime soon, lemme know.....I'll meet ya out there.

      Heal fast.
    14. simonmtb
      Lookes like a fun bit at the end. Not sure about the fire road, though :-D. I think I need the guided tour.
    15. OB1
      Life is starting to calm down. I see riding in my near future....
    16. mpmffitz
      Okay, let me see if I can advance my leave. If I can't we still have to ride. I'm going to post up a Hummingbird ride soon.
    17. dubl_xl
      My Mammoth trip is up in the air right now. It might turn into a Northstar trip toward the end of August.
    18. dubl_xl
      Oh, hell yeah! Check out the pics in my profile, Flow drop, wall ride. Fun stuff. I'll also know more about exactly which days I will be there in about a month.
    19. dubl_xl
      Yeah, that place is pretty cool and only a short bike ride from the Village. I'm going to check availability for that weekend. I think holiday rates may be in effect for Memorial Day. Also, my kid may have to start school on the Tuesday after the holiday so I would be doing a Saturday - Monday trip instead of a midweek.
    20. Stray_Bullit
      Things are good Mike, the riding here isn't as controled or secret like it is in So Cal. Good stuff here in Nevada for sure!
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