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Jun 27, 2014
Mar 27, 2005
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Jul 29, 1964 (Age: 59)
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Dirty Stinky PATH Love, 59, from Tustin

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Jun 27, 2014
    1. portlypeddler
      Hi Darin,nice to see you today at Joplin trailhead and chat a bit. Met up up with Disco doing maint. and helped a tad and then we started our descent. Wow ,some tricky switchbacks requiring WAB but good intense fun. Then we both crashed in the steep rock, first the engine(Disco) then the caboose(me) I managed to quickly notice a dislocated pinky on me and gave it the appropriate alignment and cont. down to Old Camp. It was fun overall having a buddy system and enjoyed the descent to the Luge, however all ascents sucked from Old Camp onward. Got off the trail and saw the Sheriffs writing post Christmas tickets to multitudes at Modjeska Grade. Hauled fanny back to Tucker and noticed my rear tire was 2/3rds flat at my truck. Aint no better timing! Was nice getting aquainted with Disco too. Enjoy SJ bro.

    2. maxwell
      Hey Disco, my plan is to put my bike in the car, and head up Maple Springs after work Saturday morning. I should be off by 6am. I'm going to park up on Modjeska peak, and ride down from there. After the works done, I'm just going to HAB back up. I'm bringing a saw, loppers, and pulaski.
      I'll see you up there if my plans don't get changed.
    3. DISCO
      Anything thicker than an Arm or leg will take all day with a Hand saw, I'll be packing this and a rope (safety line).

      Shooting for an early start up Harding, working down, then dropping STT to the cars. Hiking can add 3+ hours unless your trail running season started earlier than mine.;)
    4. asian fury
      asian fury
      fix the link to the pictures, the current one leads back to your post.
    5. maxwell
      I'd get it Gabe. The floating rear brake really keeps the rear end on the ground, in the choppy stuff. I ran it with the floater for the first few rides, including Mammoth. Then pulled it off, and did a few rides, Oaks, and some laguna stuff. I put it back on, because I could feel the difference. It rubbed a little on the tire, but there was enough room for the bar to come out, so we put a couple of spacers in there. Works great, and no rubbing. I'd grab it. It's also the last year with the full seat tube length, and front der capability.
    6. Fearless Fly
      Fearless Fly

      I am thinking about buyng a 2008 stinky delux for cheep with the Dope brake system. Any reason i should avoid it?

      Gabriel Zink
    7. radray
      Does your friend still have the Kona?
      Does he have actual pics of the bike? What's the condition?
    8. Gnutz
      <-- is Garry
    9. maxwell
      Hey Disco, $150 takes it home. I'll have it with me tomorrow.
    10. DISCO
      Whadda ya asking for the hoss?
    11. AwsomePossum
      Sup its chris thomas
    12. xc burr
      xc burr
      Nice Pics Of Jake At Vail Enjoyed Them I Was Bummed To Miss That Race
    13. DISCO
      Hey crash, bring us out some of your special coffee?
    14. maxwell
      Yeah, sounds good.
    15. DISCO
      looks like yeager, I'm just trying to weed out the newbs that will make it a Giligans Island seven hour tour....
    16. racekar
      Hi, I think that bike might work out for me then, I actually bought a new bike from peroformance last night but I think im going to return it today and get my money back if they let me. I think they will becuase they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. can i come test your bike today after work or later tonight ? i get off at 430 pm. thanks. if i like your bike ill buy yours and return mine thanks
      can you call me at 714-721-2092 and leave a contact number. I can take a look right after work the earlier the better for me so i can return to bike thanks!
    17. Kid A
      Kid A
    18. xc burr
      xc burr
      max going to rim nordic with scott in the morning ride by 8am sorry to post msg so late
    19. maxwell
      Cal State races right Harry?
      Just go after him and get the can of Whoop ass out! :bang:

      Since you've ridden Rim Nordic now, you'll know what to expect on July 27th!
    20. xc burr
      xc burr
      Hello maxwell,
      I check the results from that santa barbara race I missed and the secound place guy in points came in fourth in the race so he is now 1 point ahead for the overall now I cant miss the next races
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    Jul 29, 1964 (Age: 59)
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    CRASH TEST DUMMY $#%&*^#
    My Kona STINKY "D"
    A VERY proud Dad!!

    MTBing, watching my kids ride, and crash landings!


    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Ha, know that old dog that people bring home from the pound, then try and teach him to sit, and roll over, and he just sit's there and stares with his tounge hanging out, and his tail wagging?
    Yep, you guessed it! :wave:

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