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Apr 30, 2015
May 2, 2008
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November 26
Long Beach, CA
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Tapia Bunny Slayer, from Long Beach, CA

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Apr 30, 2015
    1. scottay
      sent pm....
    2. Gojira
      Noticed you said you would be working E3, who do you translate for? Joel and I are both in the game industry he's at Activision and I work for Disney mobile. We might be at E3 one day next week, are you there all 3 days?
    3. Creek
      Bit sore. Head's still rattled, but it's going away. Entire rib cage, elbows, shoulders, head, Inside of my left calf, right ankle got hit hard (hard to walk), hip flexors are blown & dont wanna lift my legs for anything, neck all around is trashed, entire back wasted. My left foot and left butt cheek escaped unscathed. What a crash. I'm glad you guys were there to at least HEAR it. Did you see it???
      From what I remember - "This is so great, the trail is built up really nice, my bike is handling so good right now, never been able to take it this fast... he look at that water bar column thingy - that's a big one - the only thing I can do is try to hop over it and pray I dont pick up that much speed."
      Thats when I tried to hop over, but it caught my rear wheel (I think)...causing me to rotate (rather quickly) completely forward where i crunched down on my head and shoulder and slid for a bit.
      I do have to have my bones recoated with adimantium though...that's gonna suck.
    4. ddmansprty
      Four more days... Right?! Ugh, I can't wait to get a bike!
    5. jerell
      Got back on the bike for the first time this week. I still owe you big time. Not sure if I should conquer my fear or build up to it. Either way... Thx
    6. mpmffitz
      Alright sir, I've only rode the trails way up above Kerm. Trying to hit some of the recent ride report stuff.. Thanks for the follow up..
    7. El Immigrante
      El Immigrante
      Ok, I'll PM you tonight to confirm. If show, look out for a blacked out Tahoe with Thule rack and Santa Cruz bike. The truck will have a purple/pink sticker that says "Glamis"...yeah, yeah, it's my wife's truck.
    8. El Immigrante
      El Immigrante
      Hey Magna, u parking in further past the complex?
    9. mpmffitz
      Mike I can make road trip. Do you know how to get to these places? All I know is freemen creek, quaking Aspen up there, but there way in those mountains.. I can head up next Sunday and have Mon/Tuesz off .
    10. portlypeddler
      Hi Mike, just wanna say thanks so much for paying the lunch tab yesterday at super A's. Very generous. Best regards in your endeavor to purchase another bike. Hope to see you again bud.
    11. jerell
      Still waiting. Doctor says I can't get out until my next checkup on Feb 1. Been riding the stationary at the gym and I'm gonna go postal if I have to sit with that group too much longer! I'm heading back to the Path as soon as I can and I still owe you a tube! How's the trails been?
    12. jerell
      A Thousand Thanks for Sunday! After 5 hours in the ER they sent me home with a sling and an XRay of my broken collar bone. Not only do I owe you a tube, but I owe you big time for waiting with me. How was the rest of the ride? Hope to see you there when I try again.
    13. DaBuDa
      Hey, i came across a post that you have the same bike as me, DB response sport, and im just wondering what you like/dislike about it and if you have upgraded anything on it. Ive only had mine for a month and want to upgrade it, but dont know what to get. Nothings broke on it. i just want to make it a lil better. Thanks. Danny
    14. Newhall Wheeler
      Newhall Wheeler
      Hey man, I put on a pair of flat pedals and think its the way for me to go, THANKS for the inspiration.
    15. DISCO
      Great meeting you, not sure what your long term plans are for your Rx-7 but I have many spare parts if you want them. The best stuff you could use is probably a set of Racing beat coils and an 3 way adjustable sway bar all powder coated red. They aren't going anywhere and my next 7 project will be for the dirt and not street or track. $100 or whatever you want to trade, I'll even help you out with the install if you need/want em.

      Thanks again.
    16. Soul_Control
      Hey man, nice riding today. Those G-outs were fun for sure.

      ~Joseph (Hot Hot Heat on STM)
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    Translator, Monkey Boy
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