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May 5, 2018
Sep 12, 2009
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Dec 27, 1980 (Age: 43)
Upland, CA

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Member, 43, from Upland, CA

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May 5, 2018
    1. dirtmistress
      No problem. Glad you had a good time!!
    2. Seth Kendall
      Seth Kendall
      It went great. Kind of weird to test out a brand new bike on a night ride, especially since I have never done a night ride. But, the bike was very plush when you needed it, but climbed well also. Used the pro-pedal going up and liked that a lot. I've been riding a Bullit for so long that it was a kick to go over to a bike that was so flicky and poppy. All-in-all I think it was one of the best bike purchases I have ever done.
    3. The_Pharoh
      Yeah I would be down for sure. I am always down for a ride. Let me know when and where is best for you and we can work something out.
    4. cid`
      hehe so when do you want to try out baldy?
    5. sxc70
      well i hope every thing gos ok with Alison s bike stuff,and no big deal we can hook up some other time and tear up the trail. Rich
    6. sxc70
      when r u and the nerd going 2 rid with me? me and my son r going 2 ride marshal cyn on sunday at 7 00 am do u think u can get out of bed early enough to go with us a? and have u and the nerd girl riddin here.
    7. wgb
      its all good Luke. How are you?
    8. Sharky
      North of 24th street but yea we'll have to plan something been off the bike a few weeks so just getting back in the saddle. Maybe you guys can show me Sycamore too when I get my riding legs back hate to hold anyone back soooo outa shape right now ={
    9. Blueman
      Luke, I heard you been riding in Sycamore a lot. When are you going to join a TDW ride again??
    10. sxc70
      Luke this is rich in chino nerdgirl said that u love 2 ride and if you would like 2 join in on a ride 2 let u know.Do u ride on Mondays? i ride every sunday and monday mornings well i ride on saturday 2 but that is reserved 4 my wife and me only unless she books something on sunday i move the group ride 2 saturday. Rich
    11. nerdgirl
      Thanks for the photos!
    12. nerdgirl
      You're so awesome! :)
    13. nerdgirl
      This is to remind you that this weekend you need to take pictures of me actually *riding* my bike, and not just standing with it. :p
    14. LukeTrailrider
      Cutie! I love you!
    15. nerdgirl
      Oh, and you have finally appeared on the Member list.
    16. nerdgirl
      First! :p

      You're the most awesomest boyfriend ever! xxoo :D (Okay, I'm done with the cuteness here.... promise ;))
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    Dec 27, 1980 (Age: 43)
    Upland, CA
    Luke Stuard
    Diamondback Mission3
    I'm a scholar and a trailrider. When I'm not reading books, I'm riding trails.

    Trailriding, archery, video games, martial arts, and other geeky activites

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