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Sep 10, 2014
    1. longboarderj
      If you are on my way, or not to far out of the way I can pick you up for thr Loop ride, I'm in Costa Mesa
    2. Banshee350
      I can give you a ride out to the Sycamore ride this Sunday if ur still going, let me know.
    3. jojo1a
    4. blake.remmick
      pm sent on the thomson post.
    5. DISCO
      Saw an LX rear hub at Devin's shop He'd let go for $20 or so, also several saddles.

      It's T.V. Bikes (323) 350-4238
      3410 N. Broadway
      LA,CA 90031
    6. DISCO
      Was up there yesterday, not out of the question. Wheel is a medium weight with basic spokes and brass nipples and a lot of steel in the hub. Rim is not too heavy (compared to single tracks) and pedals OK. I just picked it up as a spare till I could get some custom ones going. Did you want the cassette installed?
    7. maverik32
      I sent a message about the Juicy 5's. I have an extra set (with no rotors) if you are interested. I can sell them for $90. Let me know if you're interested and i can send you pix.
    8. bevaaler
      Hey joyride153,

      My inbox says I got a message from you, but when I click on it nothing is there?? strange, must be something wrong with the pm sytem. Anyhow, let me know if you had any questions about the Heckler?? Its santa cruz red with several stickers on it, it was my back up beater, but has never been abused, I'm not a hucker type. I was running a Marzochi Drop off up front and it really made a diffence. Anyhow, enough said, not sure if your even interested? lates, Erik
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    they said if I get 1st place 3 times I should turn PRO. :wave:

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