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May 21, 2015
    1. JamR
      Hi Melster,

      I remember you!

      That was a fun clinic...at least up to the point where I impailed my arm on the branch.

      Went to the Doc's office afterwards for an Xray, and found the stick went in just over 2".

      I'll shoot you a message when we post up the next level clinic.

    2. JamR
      Hi UEDan

      Sorry for the late reply. Have not logged on for a while.

      We do have some trail maintenance opportunities coming up shortly.

      We're opening three new single tracks in Limestone.

      We're working on one this Saturday the 29th and will follow up next week with a bridge-building session.

      Then the following week we will be working on the second trail, which will also include a follow-up session for two bridges.

      This will be happening on June 6th.

      All of the events are currently up on the website at www.irlandmarks.org with the exception of the second bridge building day.

      I'll add that shortly, and will coordinate the third trail session in the next few weeks.

      I'll keep you posted on the other upcoming work sessions also.


    3. melster
    4. UEDan
      Hey man, if you ever need a volunteer to help maintain the trail, send me a PM and we can meet up some time!

      I'm being dead serious =D
    5. Pilas
      Adam, I hiked and rode the new Quail Hill connector. Great job and thanks for your efforts getting this section open.
    6. JamR
      Nice to see you out there too. Looked like we had opposite plans for the day.
      I pretty much rode everything backwards that day.......trying to get my climbing legs back.

      Definitely was a nice day of riding!
    7. JohnnyGent
      Hey it was nice seeing you at Aliso today. Hope your ride was killer.

    8. DISCO
    9. JamR
      There are a bunch of nasty climbs in the area....especially on a SS.

      Are you talking about the challenge hill after you come off the bridge on the Shady Oaks Single Track? If so, that is called Monkey Flower Mesa that follows the pole line. The next one over (the un-rideable one) is Bobcat Spur.

      I'll see if I can figure out how to post an image in one of these messages, and will put together a map of the climbs and the grade percent of each climb.

      Hopefully this will help.


      ps.....we have just been successful in opening one of the north areas (Limestone Canyon) for a self-guided wilderness access day....the first one starting in September. There are a few tough climbs out there also that will be open for self-guided riding.

      See ya out at one of the access days!

    10. DISCO
      What was the name of that nasty climb next to the power lines at top of the golf course?
    11. bevaaler
      Hi Adam,

      I saw that you guys might need some help out there installing signs, trail maintenance, whatever. I submitted a volunteer form through the conservancy web site. I am not sure how all this works, but I would love to get involved in some way or another. My name is Erik Vaaler and can be reached through STR or my email is [email protected] or my cell is 714.655.9760. I guess I will wait to hear back from someone at the conservancy. Erik
    12. G-MONEY
      Hey Adam-- I'm Gene Choo (aka. Trance Pilot)-- producer with NBC News. My sincere apologies for taking so long to reach out to you. I have been meaning to call you about about doing a ride/shoot and like a total doofus-- lost the cell # that Michael O'Connell had given me. I would still love to do a ride/shoot in the backcountry. If you are leading any rides in the near future please let me know. I've been going back and forth with Beth (aka. elisheva) about a possible night ride-- and low and behold she said she knew you. Please give me a call on my cell if you can (818) 731-6329 or let me know a time when I can call you. Michael mentioned some pretty cool sounding trails/rides on conservancy land. Essentially, I'd like to do a digital mini cam shoot where we ride through some of this pristine wilderness and talk to you about the fire dangers this season. I really hope we can do this. Gene
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