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May 1, 2018
Jun 6, 2006
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THE Penultimate Mtb'er, from Huntington Beach, Ca

Whaddya call me? May 1, 2018

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May 1, 2018
    1. GeorgiaOfTheJungle
      Whaddya call me?
    2. zioncoming79
      Sorry i missed you in Long Beach yesterday. I was there all morning until 2 or so, then my wife came and we walked around. And sorry about the two in the booth that were taking with only eachother. The guy was probably my younger brother (dark hair, thin, 27 y.o. ). Take care.
    3. LukeTrailrider
      lol! I prefer to sweep during group rides, so my view isn't much different from yours so to speak. You know, the funny thing about the word "ultimate" is that it has two opposite commonly accepted meanings. Usually, it's taken to mean the best of something, but it also means the final or last thing. In my joke, I meant the former: why haven't you overtaken the last rider. Anyway, sorry about the pointless grammar lesson! :-)
    4. GeorgiaOfTheJungle
      Luke, I'm actually closer to the back, so I'm not really sure who it is (never get to see them) ;)
    5. LukeTrailrider
      So, um, who's THE Ultimate Mtb'er and why haven't you overtaken him/her yet? ;-)
    6. kevinator
      No problemo and thanks for the linky. I've got two mtb road trips in a row - Big Bear and the Kernville Fat Tire Festival. Irvine R'n'R is doing their own spin ride each Saturday Everyone is welcome to join) that I'm co-hosting. Not as long as Dave's (63-miles), so I'll be a fixture on that one with occasional rides with Dave. See you out on the road/trail!
    7. kevinator
      Hey there, good to see you on Dave's ride today - hope it was a good one. Could you pm me the Youtube link you talked about today? Thanks.
    8. mtnbikerfred
      When did you change your screen name?
    9. bvader
      Nice to meet you and John today
    10. Revalimage
      I think this is you - I was riding Whiting with my hubby and a friend, we help move the tree out of the way on borrego. You mentioned the women forum - can you invite me in?

      I have to tell you - what an inspiration - you guys on SS's up mustard. I have some work ahead of me. Thanks for the visit.

    11. lil__missy
      October 4th as an all day deal. Lift is open from 9-4 and I plan on being there on the first moving chair!
    12. surlygal
      Something tells me your staying local in Oct? You both will be missed! One year we WILL make the trip together :)
    13. SheDevil
      SheDevil's so 1995...or wait...was that 1895?
    14. SheDevil
      There are a bunch of angry guys on STR huh? I can't imagine posting half the stuff they do....
    15. Sharky
      Those pictures were amazing!! Congrats what a great life you'll have together.
    16. lkn2ryd
      Hi there Wrecker. Lkn2Ryd (Simon) just lurking about and saw you rode the Manhattan GP. Nice job. I watched from the grass island with a some buddies that raced in the 40+ something or other. I am thinking of doing the Aliso race. Might go pre run it. Never raced. I hear the guys Cat V is full of cowboys that are chomping at the bit. Take it easy. Neal (1x1clyde) is a buddy of mine.
    17. Mtnbkrdr98
      Hi Wrecker,
      I am in SoCal now, have a job, but don't have a comfy, adequate place to live yet. With some good fortune will by this month or July1.

      I can ride most mornings early. I need to be at work in Cypress by 11:30-12:00, so probably looking at being at Ridge Park/LCWP trailhead by 7am and on way back by 10. Email me if you want to start carpooling i'm at [email protected]

      Also, what is that Thursday ride you do? when are you back by? sounds like a big ride with a lot of road, not sure I would have enough time for that one

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    Huntington Beach, Ca
    Niner JET9 & One9
    Ummm, riding my bike (duh)


    "If you sometimes feel a little useless, offended or depressed....always remember that YOU were once the fastest and most victorious little sperm out of millions."​

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