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Jan 29, 2016
Jun 2, 2007
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Jan 29, 2016
    1. stinky180
      Hey Kirk! Will you be able to get me that replacement MagicShine battery from geoman? I can send you the original battery back. Let me know, thanks!
    2. ladera Dave
      ladera Dave
      That new trail at the weed patch looks great. I watched the Laker game tonight. We rode drunken sailer today, Awesome trail.
      I am glad the Lakers squicked it out. Have a great week end.
    3. Allrotor13b
      Your inbox was full, so i am leaving a message here, instead. The Camelbak has been sold already, sorry.
    4. ladera Dave
      ladera Dave
      Hi, I meet you at the Luge on a night ride. Are you going to be in town this Monday we will be a San Yuan, give me a call if you are in town. (949) 433-5558. have a great week end.
    5. Greengiant
      Hmmm, got lots of lesser quality stems, but no Thompsons. Haven't been out to DP at night since before TG. Been doing a spin class Tues and Thurs nights, just to keep up fitness while the weather tries to make up its mind!

    6. ladera Dave
      ladera Dave
      Hellow, nice riding STT today with you, I hope you can going us Tues/ Thurs night rides.
    7. el cap
      el cap
      Craig (CalEpic) said to email you regarding this.
    8. genusmtbkr5
      PM CalEpic or lbmtb as they are both administrators as well as Mods. Only they can fixed that.
    9. DownhillWebKook
      Is that Rockit climb deal still going on? The RSVP was closed? Please let me know because I will leave work early to hat trick that one. Thanks!
    10. Fearless Fly
      Fearless Fly
      I am hoping to make the San Clemente ride this Saturday. Call me if it get's near 7:30 and I am not there. Cell (714) 904-7487
    11. el cap
      el cap
      I would love too, but I can't do it tonight. I have to watch my kids. What about Saturday morning?
    12. station
      Hey, I'm testing out the 29er tonight at Aliso. You riding tonight?
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