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Oct 11, 2015
Jul 22, 2008
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November 29

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Oct 11, 2015
    1. DM Rides
      DM Rides
      Colin, if you are interested, we are riding Whiting Sunday morning (4/14). It will probably be an easy ride, but we are talking about hitting Edison, too. We love the swoops LOL. Meeting at Wahoo's at 8:15ish in time to ride at 8:30 (although if you want to head out later, I'm pretty sure you will catch up before the end of Borrego).
    2. brown chicken brown cow
      brown chicken brown cow
      I'm glad it worked out! Nice meeting ya.
    3. HardCharger
      Hey Colin,

      Just want to say thanks again for the 29er tube. It held up and I was able to ride to my car. Really appreciate it! I'll keep your tube handy if I ever see you on the trail, I will give it back. Have a great rest of the week.

      Btw, I'm usually at Oaks at around that time on Wednesdays.


    4. DM Rides
      DM Rides
      Hey BCBC! It was good running into you (again) at Four Corners! Hope your ride the rest of Whiting was great!
    5. gooseaholic
      Your Jeep will be ready for pick up this weekend Colin. Give me a ring and we can set up a time to meet.
    6. grandpa
      Nice to meet you and sim the other day. If you're ever feel like riding out my way hit me up!
    7. chrisNINER
      hey dude, looks like I can't ride tomorrow. Gotta go get my suit for my buddy's wedding in LA.
    8. CC
      Have your gf come to my ride on Saturday @ Sycamore Cyn - Riverside
    9. brown chicken brown cow
      brown chicken brown cow
      hope you both had a great ride...we were worn by time we finished! but we were still smilin!
    10. Red Ryder
      Red Ryder
      It was good to see you today at El Moro. Shorty and I ride almost every day at my lunch. We'll see you on the trails, Dan and Tina
    11. NomadBomber
      U can borrow my Nomad wit da big tires on it!
      Paul :-)
    12. lorabee
      yep, taco tues was fun!
    13. Elisheva
      Hey Colin, good running into you at Four Corners in Whiting Ranch. I saw the thread you left for Gene asking about BStar to Motorway. Just did that Sunday; it's a tough ride.
    14. pamela
      Not only did I get it but I cant get it out of my head and its 4 days later!!! Seriously!
    15. roger
      Don't worry about it. Since I remember who you are, I'll come say hi next time I see you. I'm pretty sure Pamela said she got it in the end.
    16. Kid A
      Kid A
      did pam just say she got in in the end (insert screen name here)
    17. roger
      I know that! You explained it to me at Roscoe's. Do you even know who I am?
    18. pamela
      love your name! Took me a few but in the end I got it!
    19. TrailJesus
      Collin!!! My new friend lets have a beer :)
    20. roger
      Hey Colin, I just have to tell you how funny your screen name is. My husband thinks it's a riot. Looked up the Brick House lyrics. It's "Shake it down, shake it down now" not "brown chicken brown cow", but it's pretty close. Hope to see you again at Fully.
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