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    1. DISCO
      Dude if my avatar of Santa lying robbed in the gutter is any indication of how seriously to take my posts let me further clarify by stating for the record that it's never personal. Thank You for feeling there is some utility to my posts and if the content has helped than that's radder still, but it's really just a game to me to play the mods and some of the regulars on here. Think of it as more of a soap opera or theater act, since one cannot have too many hero's and bit players I step into the shoes of the villain with aplomb and take a contrary position to every argument merely to rile the audience.
    2. tedfulton
      Artichoke, I'm trying to get feedback from this forum on the State Park's plan to build a 7acre RV park in Malibu Creek State Park. please forward this message widely and request feed back for upcoming LA Times article that may influence the park service at Malibu Creek State park. Details at and
      Send emails directly to ted.fulton @
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