My not so nice adventure in Chino Hills

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    If stabilizing the ankle is the plan, I reco this:
    Removable stays, easily fits in a shoe, minimal elastic, all-day comfort and as supportive as you lace it up to be.

    skyungbro, no subscription for a PLB, only for a Spot. One-time cost for PLB, battery life at least five years, NOAA renewal (free) every two years via email/web.

    xtremeMTB, thanks for the money saving info.
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    So checked in at St. Jos. Pavilion Surgery at 11:30a. Got taken back and prepped by 12p and then had to lay and wait for the surgeon and anesthesiologist until just about 2p. Had to use the bathroom and thankfully was able to carry the IV's in with me. I remember someone taking the gurney out of the prep room and that's it. Next thing, I opened my eyes to very bright lights, noise and a clock which said 3:45pm. Woke up very groggy. I don't do well with drugs; one reason why I never used them; they affect me poorly. Had a hard time coming out of the sleep. Just before 4 the nurse brought in my friends. Wasn't much company as I was just trying to hold my stomach and head together.

    My leg was achy but not too bad. The IV however was killing me and I knew it wasn't coming out until I could go home. The nurse kept asking me if I was able to leave (like she was shooing me out) but I was worried my stomach would get so upset so stayed until about 6 - 6:30. Friends came home with me to help me settle in and get situation but then I shoo'd them out. I so just needed to fall asleep and let the drugs wear off.

    Today, just going to lay around and do nothing. My big effort will be the shower (which I need) and the fact can't get my leg wet. But that's all I have planned for today so if it takes my 3 hours, oh well.

    So photos attached. The first shows the ankle before-surgery. You can see the Tibia pushed away from the ankle and the fibula drawn in laying on the ankle. In the post op photo everything is aligned.

    So I believe the plan is: In the soft cast 10 days, then a fiberglass cast for 6 weeks. If everything is progressing well, I might be able to use a walking boot for a short period of time. Dr. seem to indicate after about 3 months I will be walking OK (screws come out then) but I may have misunderstood that. I'll get further information when I return May 13 to have the cast put on. BTW; doctor is totally unconcerned about the break of the fibula under the knee. If only that they would have prescribed a walking boot assuming full recovery in 6 weeks. Darn that ankle!!!!

    Ankle pre-op.jpg ankle post op 4 30 2015.jpg
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    Just be prepared for premature arthritis in that joint. It is nothing bad, but it will show up much sooner than if it had not been damaged.

    Do the PT as directed to make sure you get the ROM back. I thought I could rehab on my own, and while i got most of my ROM back...had I done the PT, I may have been able to get it all back.

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