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Discussion in 'The Workshop' started by denmother, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Very Nice Nancy, I like it!!!
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    Here is my experience with wheels:
    Though I’ve ridden several 26” rims in my day I can’t remember any that stood out so I’ll just skip to the 29er and 700c rims:

    Stans Arch 29er: Very easy to lace up, strong rim for the weight and sets up tubeless very easy. I haven’t pinch flatted yet even running very low PSI. Sexy disc specific design seems like a great rim for heavy XC light freeride.

    Bontrager Mustang: Nice light XC rim disc specific design held true pretty well

    Velocity Dyad: non disc specific touring rim, it was a pretty good option in the early days of 29ers. I still use them on my road bikes due to a good compromise of weight and strength.

    Mavic A119?: Another pretty good rim in the early days of 29ers. Very strong pretty much stood up to everything I could throw at it. I don’t remember it being specifically light.

    Salsa Delgado disc: I’ll say I love salsa, but these sucked. They wouldn’t stay true and dented far too easily…. They are the only rim that has caused me to crash. I think salsa has cleaned up their act with the new semi’s though…

    My current setup is

    Rear- DT Swiss 240s: This is a great hub, pretty much bullet proof design great engagement and easy DIY servicing. This thing might just last forever.

    Front- Hope Pro II.: I use this to fit on my SC32. I’ve also run it with standard QR adapters. It works great in both setups. All I can say is that it does what a front hub should, attached the spokes to the rim and the fork, and does so in great colors with no maintenance needed.

    I’ve also used:
    Shimano XT disc: Had these built up with the Mavic rims. Though the rims and spokes were stout the hubs seemed to have a bit of side to side play. I’d say good for the money, and probably the best “lower” priced up but doesn’t perform up to the boutique standards.

    Chris King Discotech: I picked these up used on a 26er set of wheels back in the day. They preformed well, and had the king sound, but if I put it head to head with the 240s I couldn’t notice the difference in pedaling efficiency or Angle of engagement. I’d say for me it came down to user maintainability. I like to take my hub apart once a year and clean / regrease everything. With the king a pain in the ass, with the 240s easy as pie.

    Maverick 24/7: did what it needed to do with no complaining, but loses out to the Pro II in other fork compatibility.

    Spokes: I’ve found my life partner in the spoke world DT Swiss competition the perfect combination of performance and price. Easy for a DIYer to lace up. I’ve never broken one and they come in any color you could want (as long as its silver or black).

    I guess that’s all I have to say about wheels

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