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    These are some specs for the


    Deore 29" M525 Disc / Rhyno Lite Mountain Wheel - Rear:

    Rim Width:*27.5mm

    Skewers Included:*3-cross

    Spacing:*10mmx135mm QR rear

    Does the 10x135 spacing mean that its O.L.D is 135mm and axle length is 145mm?

    When it says rim width is that referring to the outer or inside width?

    My current rim is the AT-650, came stock on my trek marlin. The specs I've found for the rear wheel are:

    Hub = formula DC-22

    O.L.D = 135mm

    Axle Width = 145mm

    Inner rim width = 20mm

    Outer rim width = ~25mm

    Quick release

    6 bolt disc break

    8 speed

    I'd be putting a 2.1 in tire on it.

    I'm also interested in the Mavic TN719, but am concerned about the thin inner rim width, only 19mm.

    Mavic TN719 disc black

    Would either of those fit on my current bike without having to do any modifications other than just transferring my cassette and disc? Also would those be an upgrade from my current wheel? I'm looking for something more durable. Thanks for any help.

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