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    Ride report by Eric, a.k.a. "Auk" - The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Team and Friday Dawn Patroler


    Like cooking a good prime rib, last week's Friday Dawn Patrol on 9/9 took time and care to come together. Early in the week I got an e-mail from Drew asking if the FDP was on for this week; I'd been asking him for weeks if he'd join us. A day or so later, two other guest riders were in as well.

    It takes time and care to make a great prime rib. Today, time and care produced an all-star cast of solid riders looking to stretch their legs on a 5:30am pleasure-fest through the Santiago Canyon.

    Rolling out the door, it was nice to feel the cool crisp morning air spill through my helmet as I pedaled to meet Brian, the other regular on the ride. Every day this past week it approached 100+ degrees so the cool morning was a welcome break.

    It was still dark, and we greeted each other with nods and subdued, "...morning..." salutations. We saw that Drew was true to his word and made his inaugural appearance. He was perched on his trusty steed at Browning and Irvine Blvd, we picked him up and then there were three.

    About 10 minutes later the last two riders of our group, James and Paul, passed us going the other direction on Jamboree. They hung a U-Turn and caught up to us on Santiago Canyon Rd., just as we passed the Toll Road (more greetings and introductions)...I thought to myself, "...crud, I'm gonna get dropped by this group of Ironmen-Ultra-marathoners-super human-local fast guys..."

    Shortly after the group passed Silverado Canyon Rd, a whoosh, a grunt, a clickity-click of gears and there went two riders. It was all I could do to hang on and jump into the draft. Climbing the grade out of the Canyon, I could hear Dr. Spock in my head, "...pain...PAIN...PAIN!!!"

    By the time I clicked a group photo and swung off solo to work, I knew it would be a good day: 32-miles, 2,200 feet of gain, and good times with good friends.

    The Friday Pre-Dawn Road Ride happens every Friday. It's an advanced level 2-hour road ride lead by Eric (Auk) and Brian. The ride will mainly be the Santiago Canyon Loop (32 miles). We'll meet at 5AM and be done between 7AM and 7:15AM. This is a perfect ride for those who want to get an early ride in before work. Be sure to arrive right on time, since we need to end the ride in time for people to leave for work.

    • When: Every Friday. Meet at 5AM, ready to roll by 5:15AM SHARP!
    • Where: Meet at the corner of Browning Ave and Irvine Blvd in Tustin, CA
    Please check our Weekly Shop Rides page for any last minute changes or cancellations.

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