Ride with an Old Ride Partner Sunday (8/31/14)

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    Mike and I had done a lot of cycling back in 1997. Climbed Baldy Rd, Rosarito/Ensenada ride, and a few others. We did some training back then to race a couple other buds on The Rosarito ride. We ended up doing the 50 miler in 2:34. OF course I think we were younger and more competitive back then. Probably take me 6 hours now! I hadn't seen him in over 12 years then one day last year he shows back up on the trail. I've seen him out there riding with a few pace lines but he asked to ride with us today. Uhh yeah OK! I think he just wanted his picture taken ha ha! So we rode with Mike and Aimee joined us as well.

    I'll have a video later on!

    Gina kicked some freakin' azz today! We had an old ride partner from long ago ask to ride with us today. We did a 36 miler with a 16.9 average. The final section of the ride has a couple of Strava segments that I monitor. They come at the end of the ride. One 7.5 miler with an average of 20.1/ the other is a 10 mile segment with an average of 19.3 MPH.

    Talking with friends and stuff then a music video. I believe Copy right issues will not allow the video to play on a mobile device. :-(


    Gina pulling the troops. This is the 20.1 segment near the end of the ride






    Gina all smiles after the ride. Mid week rides must be paying off. She felt great today. Didn't call me one bad name all day ha ha!


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