Remember, this was my idea! :-P

Discussion in 'The Roadie Hangout' started by Mr. Beanz, Jul 11, 2014.

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    Remember when it happens, it was my idea! :D

    I posted this in the questions/support section

    Is there a way to jump to certain pages of the full leader board? Some segments are several pages long so finding your name on the board can be difficult if you are a "tweener". My name may be on page 15 but the options below the page offer page 1-2 then 25-30 (example).

    Sometimes I like to see who is around me on the leader board so.......

    Is there a way to hop to page 15 without having to go to page 3, page 4 page 5 page 6 and so on?

    Got a response!

    Hello Mr. Beanz,

    We don't have this feature currently, but I think it would be a great enhancement going forward! So, I'm moving this idea to our "Suggest a Feature" section so that others can view and add their support. Thanks!

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