Midweek Ride (Easy, Slow& Gentle Crazy Ride)

Discussion in 'The Roadie Hangout' started by Mr. Beanz, Aug 13, 2014.

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    This is one of our midweek rides up Ana Antonio Ave. I suggested we do a couple of short midweek rides to spin up the legs. Not a ride to go out and push ourselves past our limits but just a couple of nice gentle climb relaxing rides to get in some miles. About 1,000 ft gain in the 12 miles but most of that in the 6 miles that is broken up into to sections as we do the climb twice. So it is nothing tough but maybe 3-4 % grade with a short max of 8 near 24th street.

    Gina who would avoid all climbing if I let her thinks it's a tough course but after doing it a few times, she really did great this time. She rolled right up and never really gasped for air like she had a couple weeks back. I suggested we do a very easy pace this time since we did some good mileage this past weekend. So we did just that. Gina looked very relaxed throughout the ride and not once did she seem to struggle at all as he had in the past. She said she felt tired before the ride so that is why I suggested an easy day but she managed to beat her previous average speed by .2 while trying to make it an easy day!

    Wow, I'm happy! Since we started doing these mid week rides, she has crushed everyone of her PR's on Strava (SART PR's) I was teasing one of my buddies after noticing she beat him on a segment. She set the PR on this past weekend's 50 miler. While I was joking with him, I found 4 or 5 other segments where she has him beat. Not to rub it in but her PR's were set on the same segments at the end of the ride, his being a 42 miler and her ride being a 50 miler. That's great! The midweek rides are doing some good! She's riding strong but I do believe she is a marked woman on SART Stava now he he he he he! Marked by my friend! :p


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