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    With so many new members joining STR whether they're experienced or beginners, there has been a need to provide "Stickys" so that threads on topics that come up often can easily be found. In order to streamline the "Stickys", I've provided the links to these threads. Please check these before starting a "new" thread on an "old" topic. Thank you. :)

    Garmin Edge Questions:
    Garmin Edge 305 Questions
    Garmin Edge 500

    Which GPS
    Which GPS(merged)

    Night Riding Questions:

    Night Riding Questions

    Best Lights:
    Best lights, opinions?

    Cold Weather Riding:
    Cold Weather Riding
    Help - Cold weather gloves - brrrr

    Glove recommendations:
    I need new gloves(Old threads merged>Closed)
    Best Gloves

    Mountain Lion Thread:

    Mountain Lions: What you should and shouldn't do.(merged)

    What to do when encounter a snake:

    what's the protocal with rattlesnakes?

    Wildlife Encounters While riding:
    Trail critter photos!

    Recommended Women's MTB Saddle:
    What's the best Women's MTB Saddle?

    Best Shoes:

    Best Shoes

    MTB Helmet

    Camelbak Review
    Camelbak/Hydration Packs Review(merged)

    How to be a better rider:
    How to be a better rider

    The Best Riding Advice:
    The Best Riding Advice

    How to get your wife / GF to MTB?:
    How to get your wife/GF to MTB

    Best way to introduce a child to riding?:
    Best way to introduce a child to riding
    Kids' Bike Advice - Getting them started

    Platform Survey:
    Platform Survey

    What to carry on a ride:
    What to carry on a ride

    First Aid
    First Aid(What to carry)
    Emergency Supplies and Tips

    Nutrition and Hydration:
    Nutrition and Hydration


    How To Prevent Cramps While Cycling Long Distance (XC)(Merged)
    It Worked: Pickle juice stopped my leg cramps(merged)Mustard and Cramping

    Camera Pouch for your camelbak:

    Camera Pouch for your camelbak

    Tire recommendation(also found in workshop "stickys")
    Tire Review Thread

    Workstands(also found in workshop "sticky's")
    Good Workstands/Recommendations??(merged)

    How to ship a bike:
    how to ship a bike?
    Shipping a bike

    Trailheads(also found in trailhead "stickys")

    Southern California Trailhead Map

    Ride locations and abbreviations:
    Ride locations and abbreviations


    What is your favorite local trail?
    Favorite Trail of All Time...

    Park Phone Numbers:
    Parks Phone numbers and links to park info

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