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    Not sure how many of you have been up there lately but there is a free sag support station. Duane and Rosanna set up a little tent and pass out water. I guess they post during the week whether or not they will be out there via FB.

    Second time in 2 weeks I've been up there and boy does it help. Had a chance to meet the people for a little chat. Rosanna gave me a free Powerbar sample in return for a quick verbal review. They do accept donations and I had no problem forking over a couple of bucks knowing it would make our trip to the village much more pleasant. Cool deal imo!

    3 of our ride buddies from SART did the shack for their 2nd time. Mike (blue tank) rode to the village with me. 2 weeks ago he got to the highest point about 4 miles short of the village then called it quits. This time he completed the ride much easier!:cool: Of course a couple weeks ago the temps were at 100+ as a high. This week was only a high of 93 and average 84.

    Few pics.

    SAG support



    Me and the gang.



    At Cow Canyon Saddle


    The profile


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