Few more pix! 7/19/14

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    44.6 miles today @ 16.1 average.

    Gina's segment that made me happy! I've timed this segment for years, even waaaay before there was ever a Strava.
    7.4 miles at 18.9 MPH average. Not much for some of you but we are a couple of 51 year old fogies! :p


    We've had so many medical issues in our family lately that today's ride was a good sign that our riding is heading back in the right direction. After we get some base miles in her legs, we'll hit GMR again like we did a couple years back. We rode GMR about 15 times in 3 months. She even made it to the village which is 42 'ish miles with 5,000 ft of climbing. Heck, we may be back up there in a week or two!

    Today was a good sign and a good ride with a couple of friends.

    We start at the fire station, head inland to Yorba Park then back to the coast leaving us a short 12 miles return at the end of our ride. We were about 25 miles into our ride at this point. Gina still looking good!


    Gina, Aimee, and Jose


    Some of you may have seen Alex out there. He rides every Saturday and does 100 miles on every ride ha ha! Pretty strong rider!


    Jose, he usually rides with us on the trail. I've tried talking him up on GMR but he ain't having none of it ha ha!


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