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Discussion in 'Non-Bike Related' started by MotoDave, Dec 3, 2009.

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    I have the following Cornwell Socket sets for sale:

    For those that arent familiar with Cornwell, they are a Made in the USA truck tool brand, like Snap-On or MAC or Matco.

    8 piece set of 3/8" drive impact sockets, 5/16" - 3/4" in new condition.{47}8%22-Power-Socket-Set-6-Point#
    *********** $65 shipped

    10 piece set of 1/2" drive Metric Chrome sockets, 10mm - 19mm. 17mm & 18mm look like they have been slightly used, all others look brand new.{47}2%22-MM-Socket-St%2C-6-Point
    Asking $85

    1/2" Drive Metric Impact Set, in used condition but no damage.
    Sizes 10mm - 22mm & 24mm. 18mm is 6 point, all the rest are 12 point.
    $50 shipped
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