Road Ride Report Cool Breeze Double Metric Century

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    Road Ride Report: Cool Breeze Double Metric Century

    Up at 3:45 in the am to make the drive to Ventura. Get there, get checked in, and off I go at 6:53.

    First part of the ride is on a local bike path headed up toward Ojai.
    01-Bike Path.jpg

    Then headed up Santa Ana Rd.

    02-Headed up.jpg

    And on to Meiners Oaks..

    03-Meiners Oaks.jpg

    Headed into the sun in the Ojai foothills

    04-Against the Sun.jpg

    On to Creek Rd south side of Meiners Oaks.

    05-Creek Rd South Side Meiners Oaks.jpg

    Oak View - going uphill again

    06-Oak View.jpg

    Casitas Pass Road....gets a tad steep, but is fun. Did I mention that Ventura has some horrible road surfaces?

    08-Casitas Pass Kinda Steep.jpg

    At the Santa Barbara County Line.

    09-Heading into Santa Barbara County.jpg

    There's a nice bike path along the 101, if you're into that.

    14-Bike Path along 101.jpg

    We meandered along Hwy 192 above Montecito for quite a while.

    16-Hwy 192 Hills Above Montecito.jpg

    And back toward the Pacific.

    17-The Pacific Ocean.jpg

    Passing through RV land for a couple miles...amazing.

    19-Two miles RVs.jpg

    This was about thirty minutes from the end. I enjoyed this ride, quite scenic. Road surfaces mostly sucked, but that could be overlooked. Riding for 5 miles on the 101 freeway was an experience I had not had before. There's a bike lane painted on the freeway, but that's it - so no pics for obvious reasons. Nothing to separate you from traffic.

    Going through Santa Barbara was quite scenic too, but much traffic. No pics.

    Overall, 130 miles; 7,047 feet of elevation gain, and a day in the saddle. Doesn't get much better than that.
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    I did the Metric and had a blast. Amazing weather. This ride is hard to beat.

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