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    Feel free to add trails to this forum. Basically describe the trail and add in a photo for the thumbnail. Click on "Add Trail".

    If you're unsure of what to add, here's a quick rundown of what to include . . .

    1. Upload New Image: Find a picture of the trail and upload it here. Dont worry if it's a little too big, the system resizes it into a thumbnail. If you don't have photos, check out our gallery for photos you can use.
    2. Title: This one's pretty obvious. What's the name of the trail?
    3. Byline: Type in the location or mtn range it's in.
    4. Synopsis: Quick description of the trail.
    5. Message: Details on trail and message about it. You can get info on trails through or our trail map page.
    6. Attachments: You can upload GPS files of the trail if you'd like.

    Any other options are completely optional and up to you.

    Note that all new trails will be subject to review before going public.

    Address and the stuff I have in the trails I added are optional. :)

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