90 minute sunset ride

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    Rode for a little over 90 minutes, took a big 600 ft down hill and did an awful lot of climbs, steep climbs and wow climbs. Lucky for me some of the really steep ones were in the middle of a steep climb so you could HTFU and jam through. Unlucky for me once you were over the bad it was still steep so...... But if you do not try.....

    Did a lot of little exposed rock single track jumps but there was always exposure to one side and rocky junk at the landing, once again if you do not try...............I do like this downhill, both inside and outside turns are carved so you can pretty much jam. Did not see anyone else but there was limited vis so I had to ride sane.

    All and all a great way to close the mothers day celebration, came home and took the family out for some Mexican....Ole

    In total about 1000 ft of strenuous climbing but another almost 1000 feet of smaller up and downs. Tonight was about 90% single track

    Happy rugged single track trails

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