5-Oaks on 11/21/15

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    Head's Up for 11/21 on 5-Oaks and parking at Canyon View Park:

    The Laguna Canyon Foundation has a group of 25+ volunteers that will be hiking into Aliso from Canyon View Park, so parking will be very tight...if you are riding Aliso on 11/21 and can avoid parking there, it would be appreciated. The group will be continuing to haul pavers, install them, and continue prepping 5-Oaks for future rain events so it won't require massive repairs if the forecasted rains come in during the winter. 5-Oaks will not be rideable during this time, and should be considered closed while the work is being done.

    The request for volunteers exceeded expectations, which is great. They are the primary trail volunteers that work with OC Parks in Aliso-Wood and Laguna Coast. Kioti, SHARE, and a few others who are certified volunteers and meet with the rangers are the only other ones authorized to work on the trails. So even if you have good intentions, take the lead from one of the authorized groups and don't go out and do you're own work...most of the stuff people do on their own, however well intentioned, ends up being removed.

    Thanks...and if we could make a few Trail Work Stickies (OC, San Gabriels, Santa Monica's, etc), that would be helpful for getting the word out about strike teams that can work on trails when the conditions are right.
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