2015 Fatcyclist's 100 Miles of Nowhere #100MON

Discussion in 'Trailhead' started by Rumpled, Nov 11, 2015.

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    So, I'll be doing the 100 Miles of Nowhere this year on Saturday, November 14th. (Yeah, I know - late notice)
    What is that you ask? Well, here's a little background reading.



    Here is the route that I will be doing, the entire Aliso Creek Bike Trail

    Three round trips should give me just about 100 miles, with a stop at Cook's each time for beer.
    It's a relatively slow ride by many standards - it's not a race.

    So, what can you do? You can come heckle me, ride a portion with me, or ride the whole thing with me.
    Or, meet me at Cook's for a beer or two or three.

    I'll be starting at Heroes Park at Los Alisos and Jeronimo at 7am on Saturday, November 14th. I anticipate each round trip taking about 3 hours, with a little time added for rest stops at the truck and at Cook's.
    I plan to park as close as possible to the corner by the RR tracks. Look for my truck. It's a grey Dodge Dakota with RUMPLD as the license plate.
    I'll head south on the trail first to the sewage plant, and then north back up to Cook's.
    I will be writing in chalk each time I pass my truck with time and direction.
    Look for me on the trail, I'll be on my black Ibis road bike with a black and orange Fatcyclist jersey and a number plate on the front of the bike.
    You can also follow my updates on Twitter @Rumpledhasher

    It'll probably be chilly at the start, nice during the day, and cool and dark again as we finish.
    Lights will probably be required on the last lap.

    Estimated times are (and these are guesses but came close in 2012)
    Start 7 am
    back at Heroes Park at about 8:45 am
    Cook's at 9:30
    Heroes Park 10am
    Heroes Park 11:45pm
    Cooks at 12:30 pm
    Heroes Park 1:30 pm
    Heroes Park 3:20 pm
    Cook's 4:15
    Heroes Park 5:15 and done. ( Or later, might have more than one beer)

    Beer and food probably to follow somewhere.

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