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Jun 15, 2014
    1. RustyIron
      Hey, Mary. Nice pictures! Thanks for the excellent ride today... huff... puff... huff... puff... Glad you're back.
    2. roger
      Hey Marybeth, heard about your accident. Are you okay? How are you?
    3. pamela
    4. roger
      I started with a hardtail (32lbs and frame too small), had it for a few months and decided to get a full suspension. I didn't want to be one of those people who had 3 or 4 bikes in their garage from upgrading, so I went in with the mentality that I would just bypass all the step up bikes and get a good bike from the get go. I did so much research and talked to so many people that I thought my brain was going to explode. Finally, one of my friends just suggested to pick a price range and pick the bike that was the prettiest because component wise they would be comparable.
      It's been a year since I bought my bike, and though for the most part I am happy with it, I've come to realize that your first bike, unless it's a $8000 carbon top of the line, will be a stepping stone to your next better bike. You need to get a bike and ride it for a while to figure out what you like and the things you wish were different about it.
      As far as hardtail or FS? Get a FS. The climbing thing will come with time. Maybe it was just the bike you took out. I didn't notice a difference when I went from HT to FS, probably because I went from 32lbs to 27. Sure you want to be able to climb, but you want to have fun on the downs too, don't you? There were quite a few times that I almost got bucked off my HT. Well, that's happened with my FS too, but I still say get a FS. I think a FS will help you to feel safer and help with your confidence when going downhill.
      I don't know... I've don't even really remember your question because I've been rambling on. I would suggest you get at least a decent (better than entry level) FS bike. Spend your money on something worth spending it on. It's cheaper to buy a complete bike with good components than to try to upgrade a lower model piece by piece later.
      Hope this is helpful.
      Let me know if you want to go bike shopping together.
      Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually not that great. It's just that I know the Loop really well. I wanna go on those new trails you and Joel are riding.
    5. roger
      Hi Marybeth. met you on the Fully ride. glad to see you're riding O'neil, should have fun.
    6. Elisheva
      Fun group last night on the loop. Good riding with you.
    7. Back in the saddle
      Back in the saddle
      Hey you, Hope you're not too sore from the ride yesterday. That sucks that my schedule is so tight this week that I can't ride. Looks like you could hit taco tuesday and the fullerton loop thursday if you wanted to get in a couple "newbie" level rides this week. I will be around this weekend to ride if you're up for a ride then. One day I will be doing an epic hardcore ride and the other will be a chill just get out type.
    8. pamela
      Nice riding with you last night Mary!!! Maybe Blackstar on Friday or Sunday?
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