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Dec 27, 1980 (Age: 42)
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May 5, 2018
    1. TURNERob
      Haha, yeah I'd say you better replace that chain asap!
    2. TURNERob
      Hey Luke, feeling better day by day. I would replace the chain unless it is fairly new. A worn chain is just going to wear out your cassette/chainrings faster and it is fairly cheap to replace compared to those so may as well do it.
    3. GeorgiaOfTheJungle
      Hahaha, thanks for the grammar lesson. There are so few on the forum who understood what "penultimate" means that I was sure no one would know the flip definition ;)
    4. GeorgiaOfTheJungle
      Luke, I'm actually closer to the back, so I'm not really sure who it is (never get to see them) ;)
      I am SO not used to using the visitor thing, sorry for a delayed response hahaha
    5. calzone
      Thanks for the add Luke!
    6. Brewtal
      Thanks, glad ya dig the pics. As for minarets, no problem! What did you have in mind? On the mountains or closer in the background? Specific minaret(s) and pic to be modified in mind?
    7. Brewtal
    8. emcil
      You see the thread for the sycamore guide? Chupa is the guy you can talk to about hubs. He laces rims and is a real nice guy.
    9. emcil
      I got a 1 time deal directly from Hadley. I do work for them and they hooked me up.
    10. emcil
      I am running Hadley hubs. I wish I could give you technical information on them but alas whenever I buy something all I hear is Blah Blah Blah. I have no complaints about these hubs though and as you know I'm a big fat bastard.
    11. b-man626
      Sweet!!! :bang: r u guys planning on ride on sat??
    12. Banshee350
      Hows its going Luke. Just want to let you know after our SS trip I drop the bike off at La Habra Cyclery and they called up Rock Shox, funny how they knew exactly what was wrong and what parts were needed to fix it. Got it back in a week, cost me $20. Now I got full travel. Bummer the lifts are not running anymore. BTW say hi to nerdgirl for me.
    13. CalEpic
      I replied in the Joplin thread. Strange coincidence that there are two Allison and Lukes. (Although in their case, they're not a couple)

    14. emcil
      Gwench said Nerdgirl should talk to her about bootleg before agreeing to ride there....something about exposure...I dunno, I think it's a picture thing..:?:
    15. nerdgirl
      You are the awesomest boyfriend ever :)
    16. busterb
      So lets setup a ride sometime.. :)
    17. nerdgirl
    18. Brewtal
      Looks like we got us a ride on Dec 6th! Looking forward to showing ya Backbone!
    19. emcil
      Hey Luke. Just did a last minute Bonelli ride with DHShuttlemonkey. Tuesday's I ride with a group of riders up Marshall @ 4:30. Heading to Bootleg Thursday for the weekend. Maybe Wednesday around CHWP? Let me know. Ask Alison why I have not seen a RR for BB? Lol.
    20. Revalimage
      You too - sounds like you guys had an interesting day at the back of the pack. I spent so much of my time trying to keep up with the speedy ones. Think I did okay. La Ruta de los Conquistadores = you're FUNNY!!!
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    Dec 27, 1980 (Age: 42)
    Upland, CA
    Luke Stuard
    Diamondback Mission3
    I'm a scholar and a trailrider. When I'm not reading books, I'm riding trails.

    Trailriding, archery, video games, martial arts, and other geeky activites

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