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Apr 10, 2016
Jan 21, 2009
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Apr 20, 1984 (Age: 38)
Aliso Viejo, OC

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In it to win it, 38, from Aliso Viejo, OC

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Apr 10, 2016
    1. AndrewG21
      hey u wanna do a saturday ride at aliso, same str ride u did last last week? i'm tryin to get people from str to come.
    2. o'neil
      okay, well if you hadn't figured, both of those options of plans failed.

      the next time i can ride is thursday i believe because i have hockey tomorrow. i'll PM you or something when im going.
    3. o'neil
      i think im riding tomorrow. its either gonna be going to some local(ish) DJ's or going over to TOW and hitting some jumps by Telonics (and then possiblyyy doing Telonics).
      I'll let you know what I'm doing if you'd care to join...?
    4. sethwestphal
      holy crap.... what happend to you? we need to meet up... um i gotta get some sleep but tomorrow ill be in the canyon.. we are meeting at 730am over off alicia... do you still live over on spruce wood?
    5. sethwestphal
    6. guitarxphdx
      yeah it was a great time and ride, i like pushing the limits too and see what i can handle, we will have to do it soon
    7. Calvin
      Hey, pleasure was mine. Had a blast. Elbow is fine. May have broken a finger and of course it would be my brake lever finger. Man I have cuts and bruises with no idea how I got them. Got to love adrenaline! we'll have to hook up and ride Aliso or ??? I saw a thread I think was yours about practicing your FR,DH skills. Let me know if you want to put some practice time in. I would love to do that.
    8. dubl_xl
      Great riding with you and your pops yesterday. Hope he had a good time too.
    9. Dawg2
      Good times riding with you and your Dad. Also we ride just about every weekend so let us know when you want to hook up again.
    10. guitarxphdx
      i live in san bernardino
    11. BFloFoxRider.
      Hey man, actually, i'm riding the Glory dh.
      wHAT makes you want the Glory fr versus the Glory DH?
    12. afgenkuong
      If you do decide to start racing, we could travel around next year up to Fontucky and stuff. Keep each other company. :D
    13. dirtvert
      hey dirtbag! i keep getting threatened w/ a ban from from cal-drunk with power-epic, so i'm posting over at stm (singletrack now. i'm "mutt" on there. i might be up for a quick loop at oaks tomorrow afternoon. lemme know...
    14. TrojanInsomniac
      Hey John - Sea Otter was lots of fun. I ended up racking my nuts on my saddle on a descent, but I had a good race run otherwise. The Otter is definitely a thing every bike enthusiast has to experience at least once. How's the bike running?
    15. dirtvert
      hey johnny- good seeing you out there. thanks for showing me how to do that last lynx section! go dirtbags (jared's on the mound tonight).
    16. ehansen007
      Hey Johnny, I'm out of town this weekend but we'll catch up and ride when I get back! Good meeting you the other day. I ended up breaking a spoke on the rear going down the rock garden. I knew something let loose!
    17. afgenkuong
      Haha, I'll get around to it soon! Too busy beating it up on the trail.
      I took it down Rockit and Mathis is flys like a bird. After riding Rockit as a step-up from Mathis going back down Mathis is like nothing; with my new bike it's even easier to ride haha. The only thing I hate is that Rock-It has that one little section that drops off to the right (right after the Rock-Garden), and then has a small steep rock-face. I always have to stop on that. :(
    18. Garrett
      I did take it in and the douche at the counter tried to tell me theres nothing wrong with it...even though whenever you push down the oil sloshes around like crazy he was like "oh yea marzocchi forks do that" even though my dad has a marzocchi fork and his never does that.

      plus a rebuild is like $45 and a week at the bike shop
    19. Garrett
      ah, last ride i thought i saw you clip into eggbeaters...its ok though, JJ just got a pair of them so ill get his opinion today :D

      my fork is an 03 air fork thats been leaking oil for 5 years so its super bouncy and i swear i nearly go otb coming off the rock bed on rockit every time
    20. afgenkuong
      I go to ANHS. You're probably part of the Mtb Club? I just got the Pitch on Sunday. It's my first high end bike. Basically my first bike was 150$, then 400$, now 2000$~
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    Apr 20, 1984 (Age: 38)
    Aliso Viejo, OC
    GT Force, GloryFR1


    A bad day of riding is better then a good day of work...
    An ounce of prevetion is worth a pound of cure...
    2009 GT Force, 2011 Specialized Demo 8

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