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Looking for new trails

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Feb 28, 2015
    1. freewheeler
      Yes, We are game for a long ride. See you at 930 tomorrow. If something comes up, I can be reached at 714-904-1783. Thanks, Suzanne.
    2. Rossage
      Just so you know... from Sierra Madre you are looking ta about 11 miles of mostly uphill fireroad to get to the Rim Trail. From there it is about 4 miles to Newcombs pass and the Gabrielino trail. Another 5 miles down. I hope you know this is an all-day affair. plan on 2 hours up the Toll road, at least 2 hours back down to Chantry. It will be a great day!
    3. freewheeler
      thanks. i wasn't clear if these trails had been closed as in destroyed and no longer able to ride them. it sounds like they are still there and we just have to find them. so have you been up to big bear this season?
    4. denmother
      This is the only map I know of:

      Fall Line is on it but Pirates is not. I know alot of the trailheads are not marked, unfortunately. We always start off my going left at the top and then left again at the split in the fireroad. We then take the 1st trail to the right and then there will be two splits and you can go either way. I say, go explore!!! Oh, and have fun.
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