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Mar 14, 2013
Dec 4, 2007
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Mar 14, 2013
    1. rusticated
      Hey sry, Haven't been on lately didn't get any pm notice on email so I didn't think I had any messages. Which wheel set is this? cus I've been pm-ing couple people concerning wheelset?
    2. ladera Dave
      ladera Dave
      Hi Evil, I remember when you raced Big Bear DH, back in 2003. I herd you rep. Piviot. I wanted to test a firebird out. Terry said you had a large. Do you still have a demo large firebird? Let me know Thanks
    3. Johnny Dirt
      Johnny Dirt
      Evil- Thanx for letting me use your ride today. I really liked the feel of it. Brakes were a bit too touch for my taste or maybe Backdoor was just way too loose. Are they the Louise BATs? I am interested in possibley getting some for my bike.
      Anyways, good to meet you, neighbor.
    4. ladera Dave
      ladera Dave
      Evil, I was thinking about buying one in the Path the other day. A sales man said you were the rep. for pivot and that you had a large firebird, I am 6'-1" and needed to know if a large or medium frame is right for me. I you lend out your bike great. I could meet you at Aliso or Whiting Let me know what works for you. Do you get a commision if I buy a frame from the Path?
    5. Snipe Tracks
      Snipe Tracks
      Unfortunately I won't make it there. I'll be at Aliso tomorrow. Maybe another day I can check them out..
    6. Snipe Tracks
      Snipe Tracks
      What year of helmets are they, and what size is the blue?
    7. Snipe Tracks
      Snipe Tracks
      Is the helmet still for sale?
    8. ladera Dave
      ladera Dave
      Hi Evil, I meet you in Sedona 2002 with Team Basso and Doctor Z, I am Dave with the GT. All married now with twin girls. Did you become a peramedic, You were seeing Dana and racing cross country, in 2005 you were racing with KHS downhill. Call me at (949) 433-5558.
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