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Dec 4, 2015
Apr 27, 2007
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Dino Brown

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Dec 4, 2015
    1. hill^billy
      Dino, I am planing on Strawberry Peak tomorrow with my wife, on our annivirsary, and I would like to know if it is a cut and dry ride with not much chance of getting lost, as I have never been on the trail.
      I'm hoping it is point the bike in one direction and end up where we started. Is it?
    2. happycat
      Hey there, this will be my first time riding w/this group. I'll definitely be there. Me, a girl w/reddish hair. I'll be with a very tall guy and a very short guy. I've ridden the loop a couple of times but will definitely get lost if I don't find you guys.
    3. denmother
    4. mcgyver0302
      Thanks again for the transportation assistance. You are a true friend... even though you're Greek! JK, I can't wait to do those trails again soon! See ya Thursday!
    5. Tedroy
      Where you been coolio?
    6. Lambda_drive
      Nice bike Dino! That looks like you in front. :lol:

    7. tbarnesarc
      Hey Dino! Great to finally meet you at Fontucky last weekend. We'll have to get our skim on this summer. I can get an extra board for you to barrow. See ya at the next race!
    8. Draheim18
      Hey Dino :D, the clinic last night wasn't the same without you. So is your back all better now so we can do a longer ride when you finally come down? :lol:
    9. brown chicken brown cow
      brown chicken brown cow
      dino, thanks for helping my buddy w the wheels...i owe you a beer, again!
    10. JayGoes
      Check that- Almost took a year to get tired of the beach.
    11. big al
      big al
      That was a great thread, I'm new to the site, and I jumped right into it with a lot of questions, and not one person has said any of them are stupid. This is truely a great site.
    12. denmother
      Happy belated Birthday!!!!
    13. dirt addict
      dirt addict
      Hey Dino It was great meeting you guys out at the track. I will be heading back out for Thursday, and I will def see you guys sat for practice.
    14. thebush
      DB I'm still waiting for my SG tour.
    15. Blueman
      Hey, I signed up for the full loopy last night. Unfortunately, I forgot my camel back and I had no way to hydrate. I did get to loop once on a Yeti 575 from the demo (which was wonderful) but I didn't think it wise to try to pull a second loop without water. I mostly just wanted to apologize for the no show; not my normal M.O. Maybe next time. Bill
    16. Fullerton Mike
      Fullerton Mike
      you are my best friend
    17. thegrover
      Thanks for your offer on the Fullerton Loop, my wife needs knee surgey and I am having my pacemaker replaced with an ICD, so we are off the bike for a few weeks.

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