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Dec 4, 2015
Apr 27, 2007
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Dino Brown

Sir Smack-Alot

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Dec 4, 2015
    1. blindman_22
      hey Dino. Thanks for everything today . Your tips and encouragements really hlped me out. Catch you at the next ride.
    2. TREE
      What's up BITCH?! Long time no see
    3. sxc70
      we have never had a problem with Marshal cyn with night rides. Dave said that there is no parking in the parking lot up at the horse corals.
      I guess the parking lot closes at dark.

      I'm surprised that there is no feed back on this in the forums...
    4. sxc70
      did you get the message i sent you about Marshal Cyn?
    5. thebeast64
      Hey dino, when does the sunday fullerton loop group meet?
    6. wheezy
      Down town Dino Brown....
    7. Giddy
      Dino was that you taking pics tuesday at Irv Lake? if so whats up thats no bmx race I am still looking for my legs and lungs
    8. mwhigherground
      Hey Dino, we're showing Hans Movie, wheels4life.org on Aug 24 8pm, going to see if we can get Irvine Lake pouring later, and keep the vibe rolling if you put that as an RSVP event basically Aug 24 race, then Wheels4life.org movie, I'll be sure to reply and calendar it myself too.

      Thanks for the support.
    9. Calisun
      Hi, Dino. This is my first time riding with STR. How do I find you. I will be riding silver epic marathon. See you on Sunday.
    10. mimi1885
      Dino, thanks for Fully loop on Thur, I had a blast. The pace was perfect, actually. I got the map you PMed me. See you Sunday.
    11. hill^billy
      Missed meeting you at the Tapia Palooza, had hernia surgery. I'm sure we will roll something soon. Maybe McGill? We plan to camp there soon. We can ride it and have beer or two.
    12. Bushman
      dino brown how about one of these weekends instead of biking for one day we put together a charter fishing trip? what do you think
    13. Pugz
      Hey Dino, hope everything is going well. Miss riding with you brother.
    14. Deadweight
      Hi Dino, is the Loop still going on tonight since it rained a wee bit?
    15. Deadweight
      Hello Sir Smack-Alot, I'm new to STR and hoping to join ya tomorrow at Fullerton. Do most people ride both the early and later loop? If not, do you need to know which one we are RSVPing for?
    16. kyle M
      kyle M
      dino im trying to get more thanks than you... help a brotha out and thank all my posts!!!
    17. sweetzombiejesus
      Hey Dino, you available thurs or fri? We can do Turnbull up right this time..
    18. nerdgirl
      Happy birthday :)
    19. Piranha
      Happy Birthday bro. Hope to ride with you again sometime soon!
    20. carlh
      Dino, call me.
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