Tutorial: How to Upload and Post RR Photos Like a Pro

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    Have had a few PMs regarding the 'best' way to post photos in an RR or other posts. Well, here's a tutorial! Also posted this in the special tutorials forum:


    This tutorial is divided into three parts:
    1. Touch up and Resize Photos
    2. Upload Photos to an STR Gallery
    3. Post Photos in an RR (or other post)

    1. Touch up and Resize Photos
    This is where all the 'work' is done

    A. Download and install Picasa (now available for Mac! -- must be an Intel machine, and be running at least 10.4.9).
    Mac users can also use iPhoto's built in features to resize and export photos.
    1. Download and install Google's Picasa image editing software.
    The first time you run Picasa it will ask to search your computer for photos. Either option listed in the dialog is fine:

    Once the program is running you can click on "Import" to import new photos into Picasa if they're not already there.

    B. Touch Up or Crop

    You can double click a photo and crop or touch it up if you like. This is an option, of course:

    C. Export and Resize

    Select the folder or photos that you wish to upload and click on "Export":

    This brings up a window with settings. Resize to 1024 is a good option. For quality you can either set it to automatic or choose custom and choose something around 80. Make sure you remember what folder you exported to.

    Photos are now resized and ready to be uploaded.

    2. Upload Photos to an STR Gallery

    Two basic steps:
    1. Create an album
    2. Upload photos
    Create Album
    Go to the STR Gallery and click on "my albums":

    Click on "Create a New Album":

    Give the album a name (description optional):

    Back at the 'my albums page' upload photos to the new album:

    Browse to and select your photos and click on submit. Note that this may take a few minutes depending on number of photos and connection speed, so be patient:

    Give your photos names (descriptions are optional) and click on "Process":

    Photos are now uploaded and nicely organized in the STR Gallery.

    3. Post Photos in an RR (or other post)

    You just have to:
    1. Copy the photo's code
    2. Paste into your post
    Go to a photos page and copy the code in the "Linked Thumbnail" box:

    Go to your post and paste the code into it:

    End result:

    You now have a nicely sized photo in your RR that is linked to the full size version. Nice!

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