cutting edge nutrition: embrace fat and cholesterol

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    I have been seeing developments leading up to this for years. Starting with the atkins diet, cave man diet and now the science is coming up. Excessive amounts of sugars and carbs are now being seen as unnatural for our bodies. And now, even performance athletes may be getting it all wrong with their goo gels.

    Can a high-fat diet also be a high-performance diet?

    Most people who exercise or compete in endurance sports would probably answer no. For decades, recreational and competitive athletes have stoutly believed that we should — even must — consume a diet rich in carbohydrates to fuel exertion. The conventional wisdom has been to avoid fatty foods because they are an inefficient fuel source and could lead to weight gain.

    But in recent years, some scientists and quite a few athletes have begun to question those beliefs. Athletes devoted to ultra-endurance sports, in particular, tout high-fat diets as a means to improve performance.

    If it would keep, I'd swap a bratwurst for my energy bar any day :)

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