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Thread: Rider down ** WARNING Graphic pictures **

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    Default Rider down ** WARNING Graphic pictures **

    October 18th - I was coming down the Overlook at Point Mugu and suddenly I had the rug pulled out from under me. It happened so fast I didn't have time to react. My knee got a good scraping but my arm up to my elbow took the brunt of the sudden stop. The dirt and rocks dug deep into my skin. I stood up and checked my arm. It looked bad but there wasn't a stream of blood. I chose to ride the 10 miles back to my car while the pain was not overwhelming. I had some blood dripping down to my glove but not much of a problem.

    I loaded my bike in the car and drove home for a wife-ambulance since I figured I wouldn't be driving from the ER.

    I was admitted to the ER promptly and worked on. There was so much dirt the nurse used a power-wash device to clean the wound. I had a local anesthetic and she picked out more dirt. Some of the debris was too close to nerves for her to work on. The general consensus was to sew me up with loose sutures and tell me to see a specialist on Monday(!) and send me home with oral antibiotics.

    Picture, first minutes in the ER.

    Name:  ER view.jpg
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    X-ray view. Debris injected with force

    Name:  Xray.jpg
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    That didn't work very well. By Sunday morning my arm was obviously infected. I went back to the ER and was then admitted to the hospital proper. I was put on IV's with powerful antibiotics and scheduled for surgery Monday morning. (No food or water after midnight!). I went under general anesthetic - very easy - poof you wake up in recovery. The surgeon cut away dead flesh and left the wound open. Treatment would consist of IV's and packing the hole with special gauze and antiseptic. The wound was repacked twice daily to keep it moist. The doctor did not want it to dry.

    My friend Amy stopped by and watched one of the repackings. I wish I could have taken a picture of her face. She said "That must have hurt. The nurses put the ENTIRE pack into the hole!". I could only say "I know".

    Picture - after the first operation.

    Name:  post-op1.jpg
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    The rest of the week was spent with IV's and repacking. I had to sleep on my back with the left arm IV'd and the right arm struggling to position the elbow on pillows.

    Picture - Looking up

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    The room was comfortable. Private. Flat screen on the wall. Individual beepers for Nurse or Nurses aide etc. Every morning you get a meal planner for the day - circle your choice of entree.

    Name:  wall photo.jpg
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    Friday I had the second operation. A different surgeon did the job of cutting me open further and picking out debris. I was given a CAT scan but no images of that. I looked good on the inside so I was sewn up and put back on more IV's to be sure. At the same time they thoroughly scrubbed my knee and decided to add some sutures for good measure. I woke up in recovery and oh boy I could tell it had been scrubbed well!

    Monday I was discharged. I have a small tube in the wound with a suction bulb to keep draining the wound. The suction also helps keep the skin bonding to the flesh underneath. I suspect the doctor figured this would keep me from riding right away.

    Current state -

    Name:  post-op2.jpg
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    Argh...nasty. Heal up.

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    You were right that is graphic. Makes me think about wearing my pads all the time. Get well soon Doug.

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    WOW! That is a gnarly wound. Get well soon!

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    Gosh that looks like it hurt. I am glad it was not any worse and nothing was broken. Strange they sent you home though that first night.

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    makes me seriously consider elbow pads all the time now

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    Wow is right. Hope it all becomes a good (bad) memory.
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    Heres to a quick recovery and getting proper care for your wound!

    Thanks for the interesting pictures. They had to pack my leg when I had a staph infection (or tarantula hawk infestation depending on who you ask.... LOL)
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    Doug glad to hear you are recovering, infections are nasty stuff these days keep a close eye. Get well soon.
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    Good job on the self-rescue. To speedy and full recovery...

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    That was one gnarly hole in your arm. Glad to hear the recovery is going well. Best of luck for the rest of it, hope it doesn't keep you out of the saddle too long.
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    that first pic is zombie movie material! hope you heal well.

    memo to self: bring out the pads

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    Default don't crash when you do..WOW...heal up's time for Shrek and I to visit for a ride or two....AFTER you heal...thnx? for posting the gruesome pics
    We all crash some way in's what you do when you get up that matters. Team Crash-Bike MS..pedaling for a cure

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    Doug, heal up and let's ride man.

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    That is so nasty. Heal quickly

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    Those pictures are perfect for Halloween! Sorry about your accident...get well soon.
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    Wow! Wow!
    Have them put a zipper on that hole and you could put a multi-tool in there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xhuskr View Post don't crash when you do..WOW...heal up's time for Shrek and I to visit for a ride or two....AFTER you heal...thnx? for posting the gruesome pics
    Hey Kev let me know when you head up there.
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