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Thread: RockShox Boxxer Rebound Problem

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    Default RockShox Boxxer Rebound Problem

    I recently bought an older DH bike and it came with a Boxxer up front. I've been told its a 2008 Boxxer Race and that it was rebuilt and serviced before I purchased it. My problem with it is that the rebound knob does not seem to do much, when I turn it to its slowest setting it only appears to work for the first few inches of travel. When I compress the fork it will shoot back at me then hit the last couple of inches and slow down. So basically the rebound appears to work for the first few inches, but it has no effect on the rest of the travel on the fork. Any ideas on what may be happening?

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    If you don't know who did the rebuild or if it was even done I would start there. It could be something a simple as wrong fluid amounts.
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