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Thread: Broken collar bone at Nobel Canyon X-Ray pics

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    Default Broken collar bone at Nobel Canyon X-Ray pics

    These are my collarbone x-rays after the doctor tried to align them the best he could. The first week I was in a figure-8 sling, I am now going on two weeks in an immobilizer. What was your experience? Do these pictures look standard or how bad was your break? (The first three days were pretty painful, but the rest of it has been just uncomfortable).
    How long did it take for you to recover in order to ride again?
    Are you completely painfree while riding?
    How is your mobility?
    Do you lift weights? How long after did the break did you have to wait?
    My doctor recomemded staying in the immobilizer six weeks and then rehabilitation to check progress.
    These are a lot of questions, but since its my first break I want to be sure the process is standard.


    Both of the pictures below are from the same break, just different angles.

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    six weeks recovery, 4 weeks immobilized and then Physical therapy is what my doc did to me...

    What section did you run out of talent on?

    Heal soon
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    Ahhh...brings back memories.
    I broke my left collarbone back in April, and opted to not have surgery for the plate & screws.
    Roughly 6 weeks immobilized, then PT.
    Instead of jumping back on the bike I did strength training and cardio to get some fitness back.
    First ride since the injury was around the end of August.
    I now have full mobility, and no issues while riding (except for my lack of skills).
    Although I believe my left shoulder is slightly shorter than my right.

    Hope you heal up well.

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    BMX broke my left clavicle in two places, along with 5 ribs in my back, a few years ago.
    All I got was a sling, and "Don't do anything that makes it hurt more".
    It was actually my shoulder (point of impact) that took longer to "feel" right than anything else.
    I was riding my road bike in 6 weeks, with one arm mostly.
    Back to the track in 8 weeks. Crashed at week 10, shoulder pain was pretty bad.
    Came back to the track 3 weeks later.
    I have a nice bulge to show for it now.

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    oh man, I definitely feel you on this one. broke mine a little over 3 weeks ago too. its a bish for sure.

    I got a titanium plate in mine, so its all nicely aligned. feels at worst a little uncomfortable (like, out of place), but no pain since the surgery 3 weeks ago.

    hard to tell, though, is that broken all the way through? looks like it broke in a few different places...

    for me, they told me 4 weeks past the surgery (which was a few days after the break) in a sling. no lifting or weight support for at least 6 weeks (i get another xray to check at that point). said 3-4 months before I should be on a bike or doing anything where i might bump it hard.

    and, should it come up, I wouldnt hesitate about surgery if you need it. I was WAY more comfortable after i had it done than before. plus, I only need a regular sling, no 8-brace or immobilizer.
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    I cant tell it it a single break with a bad AC Separation or multiple breaks. I have broken both mine, the best thing you can get it a clavicle brace if you can, much better then a sling. You will feel better in a week or two but be careful it wont be healed and a second crash could be VERY bad.
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    My break was an overlay where half of my clavicle was on top of the other half. Here is my x-ray 30 days after surgery. Titanium plate and 9 screws. Pain for about 2 days post surgery, full movement 3 days post surgery, 100% full recovery 90 days after surgery, but I was back on the bike 60 days post surgery.

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    Good healing vibes

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    OUCH !!! My friend crashed and broke his collar bone today here in Laguna BEFORE we even hit the trail.Just wadded up on the concrete. WTF ?? Just got done spending a couple of hours in the ER. Hope you feel better soon.
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    This was my break...happened almost 4 years ago in the North Georgia mountains...Name:  broken_clavical.jpg
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    and for 9 months afterwards, I had hardware in me just like coolbreeze did

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    If its any consolation, you had some serious stye when you hit the log jump.

    Im also glad your healing up, so we'll have to go again


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    I have broken my collar bone twice in the last five months, or rather broke and re-broke before it fully heeled.

    Your X-Ray from the viewpoint of a radiologist son(I am not a doctor, but I have been looking at x-rays since I was little) looks pretty bad, however you are lucky its in the middle and not the outside, from what I have been told.

    Don't rush to get back on a bike (9 to 10 weeks till you ride) and (4 months till you go hard), and when you do stay on the road and away from jumps.
    Build muscle around the shoulder before you try and ride hard, get some range of motion back, and then move to dumbbells. I really wish I had done some yoga and pull ups before riding and re-breaking it.

    The most important thing I can tell you is don't get addicted to pain pills, if you get a prescription for Oxycontin be very careful.

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    Thanks for sharing the pics pete. Sorry I couldn't get the video up for you since it was corrupted. Heal up strong, get that fork dialed in and will do a noble revenge ride for you in the spring.

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    Yuck, that looks like 3-pieces, ie a floater in the muscle mass at the middle?

    I broke mine in August/Sept, into 2-pieces, and used the Figure 8--much better than the sling for comfort and utility--for the braced period. Although my alignment looked good in the x-rays, I've wound up with a pretty good "step" in the clavicle and some issues with the socket to the doc next week to see. It knitted okay, I guess, and I was paddling the Colorado rapids in November with it.

    Overall, a total PITA injury, though.

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    I used to work in Radiology and OUCH!

    You are in good company on this site.

    Heal up

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    Yup, mine looks like the bottom pic.
    I broke both of mine and worse yet dislocated one. That was during my MX days, fun but beats up the body too much.
    Chris @

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    Here's a bad picture of mine. This Saturday is 8 weeks for me. I've been riding the road bike for a few weeks now. I used the figure 8 and a sling for about 4 weeks. Then only wore the sling when out in public for a few weeks more.

    Name:  63111_1693697949957_1463052020_1700066_6454692_n.jpg
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    Default Re: clavicle fracture

    My left clavicle looked very similar from the front view when I fractured it 07/2005. I was advised to avoid surgery if possible. The bone healed quickly, but the alignment was slightly compromised. Eventually (06/2009) I had an open reduction and fixation to remedy the poor alignment. Although the surgery and recovery weren't fun and have significant risks, I was very pleased with the immediate improvement. If it were to happen to me again, I would opt for surgery.

    ***I am not a surgeon or medical professional, please do not take this as medical advice***

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