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Thread: d3o Body armor starting to hit the marketplace

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    Default d3o Body armor starting to hit the marketplace

    I don't know how many of you remember the talk of the next generation of body armor, d3o. It is a soft, flexible material that hardens on impact.

    Sixsixone has had to delay their upcoming EVO pads due to problems getting the d3o material.

    Today I noticed Spyder Freeryde's new upper body armor is listed on Ebay.

    This is not my auction, nor do I work for d3o or Spyder. I'm just excited to see this stuff is finally making it to market.

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    looks like some pretty cool stuff. So it hardens on impact then goes back to being flexible again or stays hard?

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    Yep, that's pretty much it, though it does absorb the impact without passing it on to the person wearing it. I met a guy who was demo'ing it for them and this guy says that in 5 years time there won't be a single mtb'er or moto rider not wearing it.
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    Dude, i've heard of this for new bulletproof vests, but man, for commercial use, AWESOME!

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    This looks great! I'm looking into some new armor. I just wonder how well it breaths.

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    i may have to demo some of the 661 stuff when it comes out...

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    Nothing is new with this topic?

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    661 Evo has been out for some time.

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    I just got some new gloves with the D30 on them. Giro Remedy. Scored them @ REI

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtsnack View Post
    I just got some new gloves with the D30 on them. Giro Remedy. Scored them @ REI
    I never thought about the application for gloves, but those seem pretty cool. Considering my last three pairs of gloves have all suffered rips on the heel/palm area, those seem reasonably priced for what they offer.
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